We already offer the lowest prices. But we decided to take it even further. That’s when we created bundles. A bundle is perfect for starters. 

You don’t only get a beautiful website but also a logo design, a business cards design, letterhead design and envelopes design. We also provide a starter pack of stationary, including 250 business cards, 500 letterheads, 250 envelopes.


While you would say that’s obvious, it’s not. Every day we still see a lot of websites that are, well let’s say aren’t great. It’s like have a store, or restaurant that’s fifty, unorganized and smells. Who wants that? We don’t. If you want that, sorry we can’t help.

That’s why we design websites that look not only good but great.
We keep the latest trends in mind and apply them here and there without losing functions over form.

Let’s see how we can create your beautiful website.

But it doesn’t stop there, your offline merchandise also has to look great. So that’s why we will provide a stunning logo, a beautiful designed business card and a corporate branding for your envelopes and letterheads

A beautiful designed website.

You will get a perfect looking website, that will blow away your competition.
The website will be build by your needs, full responsive so it works great on mobile devices and will match the colors and style of rest of the package.

media-bundle-mail-mobile only

A domain, webhosting and email accounts.

You will get a web hosting for the period of one year. Including mail accounts and a SMTP server.
You also get a domain for the value of 12 euro or less. So you can start to mail from your own domain instead of hotmail or gmail. Be a real professional.

A memorable corporate design.

We will design you a new corporate branding.
That includes a professional logo and a design for business cards, branded paper and envelopes.

Business cards, letterheads & enveloppes.

So you can hand out business cards. Send professional mailing or invoices.
We will give you a starter pack for printing, that contains 250 business cards, 500 branded papers and 250 branded envelopes.



Most of our clients at Mind of Media don’t thinks about the years ahead when they order a website. But don’t worry because we do.

Every website we create are able to extend them with modules. These modules are able to extend your website with extra functions, features and so on.

While all lot of modules are already included in every website we build you can extend your website any time you want.


Do you know Microsoft Word? They you know how to work with our websites. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, writing code and so on because you don’t need to.

Still got a question, don’t worry about that either. We have a great ticket system that  connect you automatically with the right person. And we even got a knowledge base build in, so it’s safe to say that we’ve got you covered.

    • Design website
    • Corporate identity
    • .be domain
    • 5 GB storage ¹
    • 5 email accounts ¹
    • 500 business cards
    • 500 branded papers
    • 500 enveloppes
    • Support and maintenance
    • Free SSL ²
    • Free 5 backups ²
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • Design website
    • Corporate identity
    • .be domain ¹
    • 10 GB storage ¹
    • 10 email accounts ¹
    • 1.000 business cards
    • 1.000 branded papers
    • 1.000 enveloppes
    • Support and maintenance ¹
    • Free SSL ²
    • Free 10 backups ²
    • Social Media add-on
    • -
    • -
    • Design website
    • Corporate identity
    • .be domain ¹
    • 20 GB storage ¹
    • 20 email accounts ¹
    • 2.000 business cards
    • 2.000 branded papers
    • 2.000 enveloppes
    • Support and maintenance ¹
    • Free SSL ²
    • Free 20 backups ²
    • Social Media add-on
    • Newsletters add-on ³
    • -
    • Design website
    • Corporate identity
    • .be domain ¹
    • 50 GB storage ¹
    • 50 email accounts ¹
    • 5.000 business cards
    • 5.000 branded papers
    • 5.000 enveloppes
    • Support and maintenance ¹
    • Free SSL ²
    • Free 40 backups ²
    • Social Media add-on
    • Newsletters add-on ³
    • Multi-language add-on (2 lang.) ³


While our website are easy to work with we completely understand that you still have a question, or two. 

Don’t worry about that, in our own website we build in a client area where you can create support tickets, see and download your invoices, manage your services, read our knowledge base and a lot more. *

* Support contract mandatory.


While every client has his own style of communication we created a 5 steps program so you can follow how far the progress of your website is.

  • 1. First Contact

    We have a first contact to find out what your idea is, what you want and how you see it.

  • 2. Quote

    We generate a quote with a few examples for how we see it.

  • 3. Approvement

    When you decide to approve our quote we send the first invoices, when they are paid we start to work on your website.

  • 4. Building your website

    Depending on your requests the building of the website takes about 3-6 weeks.

  • 5. Launch

    When all the stages are complete we will set a date when we will launch your website.


We hope that we’ve got you exited to trust your idea for a website to us.
We promise that we won’t disappoint you!

Pricing on this page are yearly and exclude tax. Only domains that are available can be chosen or if you already own a domain you can transfer it to MOM comm.v. Extra cost for the transfer that the old provider charges are for the client. More then one domain can be registered. Start of the contract is the same date of the order date. After an order the client can’t revoke his order.
¹ Valid for one (1) year. Second year will be billed at normal rate. ² Promo valid for one (1) year. Second year will be billed at normal rate. ³ Extra support and maintenance included for one (1) year.

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