Ever thought of the future, what will happen when you organization or idea will lift off and be bigger than imagine? We do? Because our website can grow with you.

Every website we create are able to extend them with modules. These modules are able to extend your website with extra functions, features and so on.

While all lot of modules are already included in every website we build you can extend your website any time you want.

We even have modules that are optimized for working with a web store. So it safe to say we’ve got you covered!

Included in every website.
Contact page

contact form

Thanks to a well designed contact page, your visitors can easily get in touch. By e-mail, address, phone or whatever you decide to put out there. When somebody sends a message using the contact form, you’ll receive an e-mail instantly.

Blog / News page


With our blog module you can easily post the latest news on your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new product, an extra service, a personal win,… You can easily show your visitors what is new.



A picture says more than a thousand words. That why all our websites have a gallery included. This way, you can easily add pictures, movies and so on. You don’t have use it, but it’s there. For your comfort.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Let your visitors know where your business or address is by a Google Map.
See also our Google Maps extended module. For multiple pins, colors and map types.

Backend CMS

cmsYou will get a full blown backend where you can work on your website. You can publish post, news items, pages, gallery and so much more. And you can do it from everywhere on every device.

Schedule news


With the schedule module you will get the change to publish your work, news, page, blog on a future date and time.

Password protected content


Do you have certain information that you only want a select people to see it? You can secure it with a password. Only people who know this password will be able to see this information.

SEO Google

SEOWith the SEO module your website will help you to score good in Google. It will help you edit your titles, descriptions, url’s, keywords and give you tips how to write better pages and news items.

User management


Want to have more then one user account on your website? No problem. We can even create user account that have more or less rights to edit or post content on your website.

Google Analytics stats

Google Analytics

Every owner of a website has to know their statistics are doing. We provide these right in to your website. You can see how many people come by, how many sessions, what country’s they are in, what the search for, on what page they arrive and what page they leave again and so much more.

Broken Links checker

Broken links

Do you know what Google hates? Broken links. That’s why we include in every website we build a broken link checker. It will check your website for broken links every time. When a broken link is found you will get an email notification so you can edit or unlink that broken link.



Your website has to be secure that’s why we build a few measures in. We will block ip addresses that are trying to block your website, block a list of ip’s that are know for their hacking skills, block faulty logins and so much more.


Multi-LanguageSpeak to your visitors in their native language. Choose per page or message the languages you want to provid
e. Visitors will see the page or message in their preferred language and they can change it manually. Everything you need for your comfort, and that of your visitors.

€300 – setup + one extra language
– per extra language
– support & maintenance, yearly



Be prepared. Every day, we create a backup of your website with our backup module. When the impossible happens, we can restore your website from the latest backup, so you never have to worry.

Price (yearly):
 – 5 backups stored
€55 – 10 backups stored
 – 20 backups stored
€90 – 40 backups stored

Social Media

sociale mediaIntegrate all popular social networks on your website. Create buttons for Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Evernote, Blogger, Buzzster, Delicious, Digg, Hyves, MySpace, Orkut, Plaxo, Posterous, Stumblep, Techmeme and so many more.

Price: €89


Create unlimited events and activities. Give your vistors the chance to register for the event and see all the details. The possibilities are endless and for every event, you can specify things so that everybody will be informed.

€189 – setup
€30 – support & maintenance, yearly


Send a newsletter to all your contacts in a few clicks. This will allow you to be more present and create extra opportunities. Or just send the latest news, right into their mailboxes.

 – Setup
€30 – Support & maintenance, yearly

Social media content locker

Boost your social media followers by locking section of your website. Your visitors can unlock the section by liking  your Facebook page or tweeting a tweet. Other social media platforms are also supported

Price: €89

Big menu

When your website has a lot of pages, you can choose for this module. This lets you create a big menu without losing the overal overview. You can work with tabs, maps, images and even contact forms in your menu. And of course it works on a mobile device too.

Price:  €99


Give your visitors the opportunity to rent your apartment, car or something complety else. Eeasy, secure and fast. Your vistors will see a calendar where they can see what and when it is available and they can immediately make a reservation.

 – Setup
€69 – Support & maintenance, yearly

And so much more.

Don’t find you desired function here? Don’t worry, we only published the general modules, modules that every website can use. We provide many more client specific modules. Test our capabilities.

Optimized for a web store.
Payment gateways

When you order a web store, the Paypal and Wire transfer payment system is included. With this extra module you also get acces to payment modules for Bancontact/Mister Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and iDeal. It will open a whole new world, one without borders.

€189 – setup
€30 – support & maintenance, yearly

Invoice numbering

When a client places a order you can generate an invoices with sequential numbering. You can even generate credit notes and packing slips. And off course you can reset the numbering every year.

– setup
€69 – support & maintenance, yearly

Out of stock notification

When a product is out of stock you can have a button that let your visitor to opt in for a notification when the product is back in stock.

Price: €59

Payment gateways

When you have product that need to be bought in multiple quantity this module will let you do that exactly. Can set an minimum, maximum, step value and so on.

Price: €99


Secure your images with a watermark, it will automatically placed on all your products.

€79 – setup
€25 – support & maintenance, yearly

Variable products options

webstore-variable-product-atributesChange the look of your variable products, so it’s easier for your clients to see what options they have and what options there are in stock.

€59 – setup
€25 – support and maintenance, yearly

Variable pricing

With this variable pricing you can give certain groups of customers different prices. You can even opt in to only show the pricing when they are loggend in.

€99 – setup
€25 – support and maintenance, yearly

Delivery slots


Let your customers reserve a delivery slot for their order. You can specify what dates, even hours and a maximum availible slots.

€59 – setup
€25 – support & maintenance, yearly

Recover abandon cart

Don’t lose sales when clients abandon their shopping cart. You can send them an email notifying that and even give them a special discount to recover their shopping cart.

€79 – setup
€25 – support and maintenance, yearly

Gift wrap

webstore-gift-wrapGive you client the option the let them gift wrap their presents.

Price: €29

Gift cards

webstore-gift-cardsSell gift cards in you website. The module will generate a unique code that they later on can use for purchases. You can even specify a expiration date.

€129 – setup
€25 – support & maintenance, yearly

Frequently bought together

webstore-frequently-bought-togetherHave a better cross sell. Below every product you can specify what products are frequently bought together. And with one click they can add them to their shopping cart.

€99 – setup
€25 – support and maintenance, yearly

File upload

webstore-file-uploadLet you customers upload files for the products they order

€49 – setup
€25 – support & maintenance, yearly

EU energy labels

When you sell electronic goods you can easily show their energy label. When you click on the label the will get a full pictures of all the labels there are available.

€79 – setup
€25 – support & maintenance, yearly


Do you work with deposits? With this module you can your customers pay a deposit and pay the outstanding balance on delivery.

€69 – setup
€25 – support and maintenance, yearly

Checkout manager

webstore-checkout-fieldsIf you want to ask your customers for extra information you will need this module. You can ask this question the order, billing or shipping page.

Price: €29


Did you know that about 30% of your (future) visitors will visit your website on their smartphone or tablet? You are probably one of them. So don’t you hate it when the website isn’t optimized for your screen? Or even worse, when it’s optimized but only half of the functions works in the mobile version.

Not at Mind of Media. We don’t settle for half a mobile website.


Do you know Microsoft Word? They you know how to work with our websites. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, writing code and so on because you don’t need to.

Still got a question, don’t worry about that either. We have a great ticket system that  connect you automatically with the right person. And we even got a knowledge base build in, so it’s safe to say that we’ve got you covered.



While our website are easy to work with we completely understand that you still have a question, or two. 

Don’t worry about that, in our own website we build in a client area where you can create support tickets, see and download your invoices, manage your services, read our knowledge base and a lot more. *

* Support contract mandatory.


While every client has his own style of communication we created a 5 steps program so you can follow how far the progress of your website is.

  • 1. First Contact

    We have a first contact to find out what your idea is, what you want and how you see it.

  • 2. Quote

    We generate a quote with a few examples for how we see it.

  • 3. Approvement

    When you decide to approve our quote we send the first invoices, when they are paid we start to work on your website.

  • 4. Building your website

    Depending on your requests the building of the website takes about 3-6 weeks.

  • 5. Launch

    When all the stages are complete we will set a date when we will launch your website.


We hope that we’ve got you exited to trust your idea for a website to us.
We promise that we won’t disappoint you!

Pricing on this page are yearly and exclude tax. Only domains that are available can be chosen or if you already own a domain you can transfer it to MOM comm.v. Extra cost for the transfer that the old provider charges are for the client. More then one domain can be registered. Start of the contract is the same date of the order date. After an order the client can’t revoke his order. 

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