A personal blogger myself I know the feeling, the lust, the rush to blog. To let your voice be heard, or read.

But most starting bloggers can’t afford to buy a website thats cost hundred of euro.

That’s why we created the do it yourself formula.

So how does it work?
Well, we build the foundation that you will need to build your own blog.
We provide about 35 themes to choose or you can any theme you want. You are in full control, you can install plugins, edit all the settings and more.

And it starts from 9 euro a month and you get a free domain for a year (.be, .com, .nl, .eu, .net).


We made a choice of 30 stunning themes that are included in your DIY package, and we extend it from time to time.

But you have the full control of you blog, so if you want to install your own theme you can simply install it.


Do you know Microsoft Word? They you know how to work with our websites. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, writing code and so on because you don’t need to.

Still got a question, don’t worry about that either. We have a great ticket system that  connect you automatically with the right person. And we even got a knowledge base build in, so it’s safe to say that we’ve got you covered.



Our DIY websites are like our other website features rich, meaning that you got a lot of functions and tools. You can see below what is included in your website.

And you can extend it even further.

Contact page

contact form

Thanks to a well designed contact page, your visitors can easily get in touch. By e-mail, address, phone or whatever you decide to put out there. When somebody sends a message using the contact form, you’ll receive an e-mail instantly.

Blog / News page


With our blog module you can easily post the latest news on your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new product, an extra service, a personal win,… You can easily show your visitors what is new.



A picture says more than a thousand words. That why all our websites have a gallery included. This way, you can easily add pictures, movies and so on. You don’t have use it, but it’s there. For your comfort.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Let your visitors know where your business or address is by a Google Map.
See also our Google Maps extended module. For multiple pins, colors and map types.

Backend CMS

cmsYou will get a full blown backend where you can work on your website. You can publish post, news items, pages, gallery and so much more. And you can do it from everywhere on every device.

Schedule news


With the schedule module you will get the change to publish your work, news, page, blog on a future date and time.

Google Analytics stats

Google Analytics

Every owner of a website has to know their statistics are doing. We provide these right in to your website. You can see how many people come by, how many sessions, what country’s they are in, what the search for, on what page they arrive and what page they leave again and so much more.

Broken Links checker

Broken links

Do you know what Google hates? Broken links. That’s why we include in every website we build a broken link checker. It will check your website for broken links every time. When a broken link is found you will get an email notification so you can edit or unlink that broken link.



Your website has to be secure that’s why we build a few measures in. We will block ip addresses that are trying to block your website, block a list of ip’s that are know for their hacking skills, block faulty logins and so much more.

Password protected content


Do you have certain information that you only want a select people to see it? You can secure it with a password. Only people who know this password will be able to see this information.

SEO Google

SEOWith the SEO module your website will help you to score good in Google. It will help you edit your titles, descriptions, url’s, keywords and give you tips how to write better pages and news items.

User management


Want to have more then one user account on your website? No problem. We can even create user account that have more or less rights to edit or post content on your website.

Endless possibilities.

While we included already many functions in our DIY websites, you can even extend it further.
At no cost at all, there is no limit on what you can do. If you can think of it you can do it.
The possibilities are endless. Be amazed.


While our website are easy to work with we completely understand that you still have a question, or two. 
Don’t worry about that, in our own website we build in a client area where you can create support tickets, see and download your invoices, manage your services, read our knowledge base and a lot more. *
* Support contract mandatory.


At Mind of Media we believe that everyone can afford a website. That why we we can give you these pricing without sacrificing a thing.

  • Comfort
    • 1 DIY website
    • 1 Free domain*
    • 5 Mail accounts
    • 5 GB Storage
    • 50 GB Bandwith
    • Full control
    • Support and maintenance (+ €6)
    • 5 Rolling backups (+ €4)
    • -
  • Essential
    • 1 DIY website
    • 1 Free domain*
    • 10 Mail accounts
    • 10 GB Storage
    • 100 GB Bandwith
    • Full control
    • Support and maintenance (+ €6)
    • 5 Rolling backups (+ €4)
    • -
  • Intense
    • 1 DIY website
    • 1 Free domain*
    • 20 Mail accounts
    • 20 GB Storage
    • 200 GB Bandwith
    • Full control
    • Support and maintenance (+ €6)
    • 5 Rolling backups (+ €4)
    • -
  • Professional
    • 1 DIY website
    • 1 Free domain*
    • 50 Mail accounts
    • 50 GB Storage
    • 500 GB Bandwith
    • Full control
    • Support and maintenance (+ €6)
    • 5 Rolling backups (+ €4)
    • Free SSL*


Ready to start your own professional blog? We are here to help

We promise we won’t disappoint you. Have fun!

Prices on this page exclude VAT. Prices can be subject to additional requirements. After approval the customer can’t cancel the order. The client gets the right to use and edit the theme but can’t own it or use it exclusively. The DIY website can only be hosted on the webhosting of Mind of Media. The free domain is for one (1) year and only valid for a .be, .nl, .com, .net, .eu extension. Other domain extension are available at the normal rate.

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