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Your corporate branding is who you are. A logo makes it easier for your customers to remember your company and it gives a professional impression. Therefore, it must be as good as your website.

Let me give you an example. Think about the following companies; Apple, Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola. Changes are high that you just remembered their logos. Why? Because the have a good, mostly simple logo that is easy to remember.

Say hello to simplicity.

They key to a good logo design is that your clients will remember your logo.
At Mind of Media we believe that can be accomplished with the design of a simple logo that easy to remember.

While the logo would be simple that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impress.
Because just as our websites, we like to impress.

Give to impress.

Get a business card design that will impress everybody who got their hands on. Printed with special technics you can be sure you and your (future) clients will be impressed.

And it shouldn’t cost you thousands of euro.

Just like our website, we believe at Mind of Media that you only should pay for what you receive. That why we are proud to give you this pricing for designing a corporate design.

A corporate design included the following;
A logo, a business cards design, letterhead design and envelopes design.



A complete corporatie design including:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards design
  • Letterhead design
  • Enveloppe design



The beautiful logo design.

Business cards


A professional looking business card design.



Send beautiful letterheads, perfect for invoices and letters.



Stand out right from the mailbox.

How we work.

While every client has his own style of communication we created a 5 steps program so you can follow how far the progress of your design is.


    We have a first contact to find out what your idea is, what you want and how you see it.

  • 2. QUOTE

    We generate a quote with a few examples for how we see it.


    When you decide to approve our quote we send the first invoices, when they are paid we start to work on your design.


    We send serval type of logos and make the needed adjustments based on your review.

  • 5. LAUNCH

    We deliver your design and can even order the print work if that's ordered.


We hope that we’ve got you exited to trust your idea for a design to us.
We promise that we won’t disappoint you.

Pricing on this page exclude tax.

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